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Triplets, wife of Revolutionary War soldier among those in my family-tree with birthdays during the

Birthdays in my family tree for the week of May 18:

May 18

Delphina Kidd (my first cousin twice removed on my father's side and my first cousin three times removed on my father's side), b. 1926 in West Liberty, Morgan County, Ky.; d. Dec. 11, 1980, in Lytten, Elliott County, Ky. Delphina's grandfather, Peter Fannin-Kidd, was the half brother of Edmund Kidd, my 2G grandfather.

May 19

Mary E. Jennings (wife of Marion Kidd, my first cousin twice removed on my father's side), b. 1894 in Kentucky; d. Sept. 8, 1978, in Blairs Mill, Morgan County, Ky. Mary's husband, Marion, was the son of Peter Fannin-Kidd. I have Jenningses on both my mother and father's sides of the family, but I'm not sure if Mary is related to others.

Loraine McGlone (my second cousin twice removed on my mother's side), b. 1911 in Clay City, Powell County, Ky.; d. January 1980 in Henderson, Nev. Loraine was the daughter of Stella Wilson McGlone and Edgar Boone McGlone. Her mother was the daughter of Dr. Jeremiah Wilson, a prominent Rowan County doctor. Her father was a Kentucky state legislator and, later, a successful timber magnate in Arkansas.

May 20

Catherine Lemaster Ferguson (my 5G grandmother on my mother's side), b. 1754 in Prince George's County, Md.; d. Aug. 27, 1839, in Morgan County (now Magoffin County), Ky. Catherine's husband, William Ferguson, was born in Belfast, Ireland, and came to the United States with his brothers at about age 16, in the early 1770s, according to one online biography. Catherine's daughter, Phoebe Ferguson, married Squire John T. Williams, the 2G grandfather of my great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Williams. Phoebe was born in Mount Sterling in 1792, the year the town was established by the Kentucky Legislature.

William and Catherine were married in 1783. They first settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa., then moved to North Carolina and then to Kentucky. While living in Pennsylvania, William served in the Revolutionary War for three years.

William and Catherine were said to have been buried under a favorite tree on their farm overlooking the mouth of Grape Creek in present day Magoffin Co. A military grave marker was placed near the site by Ferguson descendants in June of 1997.

Nancy Willa Jean "Willie" Ray (mother-in-law of Lola Maxine Wilson Bower, my first cousin twice removed on my mother's side), b. 1902 in Saulsville, Wyoming, WVa.; d. Dec. 28, 1988, in Herdon, Wyoming Couny, WVa. Lola married Nancy's son, David Fitzhugh Bower.

Stella Kidd (wife of Clella Kidd, my second cousin once removed on my father's side), b. 1919 in Elliott County, Ky.; details of death unknown; could still be alive. I do not know her maiden name. Stella married Clella, who had a twin sister named Della. No kidding.

Jason Martin Thomas (my second cousin on my mother's side), b. 1975. Happy birthday.

May 22

Moses C. Royse (my 3G grandfather on my mother's side), b. 1813 in Kentucky; d. July 1884. Moses and his wife, Lydia Day Royse, had a daughter, Martha Royse, who married my 2G grandfather, Abijiah Wilson.

The family of Samuel B. and Amanda Susan Hall Caudill (seated, holding children) included Oliver Simpson Caudill, the first person on the left.

Oliver Simpson Caudill (my first cousin three times removed and a second cousin three times removed on my mother's side), b. 1877 in Rowan County, Ky.; d. July 6, 1955. Oliver was one of 10 children of Samuel B. and Amanda Susan Hall Caudill. Oliver was related to my mother by both maternal and paternal lines, making Oliver a double relative.

Mary Elizabeth Jennings Hall (my 2G aunt-in-law on my mother's side), b. 1911 in Rowan County, Ky.; d. Sept. 19, 1995, in Lincolnville, Wabash County, Ind. Mary Elizabeth married my great grandmother Mahala Susan Hall Wilson's brother. Mary Elizabeth's brother, Jesse Franklin Jennings, married Vada Wilson, the daughter of Mahala and her husband, Burl Wilson.

Ina Caudill, Tina Caudill and Nina Caudill (my second cousins twice removed on my mother's side), b. 1915 in Morehead, Rowan County, Ky., triplett daughters of Rebecca Ann and Tilden Hendrix Caudill. Two of the three sisters died young. Ina died July 22, two months to the day after she was born. Tina died at age 26, on Jan. 10, 1942. Nina lived to the age 95, however, passing away in Greenup, Ky., on Oct. 2, 2010.

Incidentally, the girls' mother, Rebecca Ann, was a Caudill by birth, the daughter of William B. and Elizabeth Boggs Caudill. Her husband, Tilden Hendrix Caudill, might have been related to her by blood, but I've not been able to establish that was the case.

May 23

Mary Kidd (my 2G aunt on my father's side), b. 1847 in Morgan County, Ky.; d. Feb. 8, 1937, in Rowan County, Ky. Mary was the daughter of Edmund Kidd and Amanda Ramey Kidd. Her stepmother was Mary Fannin Kidd, and she was part of a blended family of 10 children. Mary married David Jennings Sr.

May 24

Dr. Harvey Ebenezer Porter (my 3G uncle-in-law on my mother's side), b. 1860; d. Nov. 11, 1917, in Rowan County, Ky. Dr. Porter married Margaret Caudill, daughter of the Rev. Henry C. Caudill and Elizabeth Jane Short Caudill.

John Marion Easterling (husband of Artisma Hall, my first cousin four times removed on my mother's side), b. 1865 in Kentucky; d. Feb. 22, 1930.

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