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One Grand Trip

I turned 50 and my marriage turned 20 in 2019. It was a heckuva grand year, with no better way to mark the occasion than flying to Phoenix and making a slow drive back home through the American Southwest. Along the way, we saw lots of new birds and thought lots of new thoughts about the nature of things.

The China Blog

In March 2011, I took a nine-day jaunt through China with my wife, one of her Beaufort High School co-workers and a gaggle of students. In addition to landmarks, we breathed indescribable smog, witnessed public urination and chewed knots of gristle the Chinese tried to pass off as beef. Read all about it here.

Tales From the Attic

I often shake my family tree. This blog is a collection of what falls out. (The photo, by the way, is possibly of my great-great-grandmother, Nancy Abigail Quesenbery Hall. It's one of my favorites, although I've not been able to verify that it's her.)

ThatsBug2U Tumblr

This is my Tumblr feed, which includes various musings about my interests and hobbies, which are pretty far-flung, I guess. Music, the outdoors, you name it. I stay away from politics, though, and try to stay away from work topics, too. Lately, I've done a lot of re-blogging, not a lot of original writing. Sorry. How many blogs can one guy maintain?

Untamed Lowcountry

I started this blog on the Island Packet website nearly a decade ago to highlight the abundant wonder of nature in South Carolina's Lowcountry. It featured many of the photos and videos you've seen at, original articles and aggregated stories from around and elsewhere on the Internet. It's no longer my blog, but a vestiage of it survives on the newspaper's website.

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