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This week's birthdays

This week's birthdays from my family tree:

Nov. 24
  • Lewis Heffley (first cousin, three-times removed on my mother’s side), b. 1830, Madison County, Ohio; d. 9/28/1889

Nov. 25
  • Henry Thornsberry (first cousin, twice removed on my mother’s side), b. 1886 in Greenup County, Ky.; d. 1/4/1952, Rowan County, Ky.

Nov. 26
Flickr - Untitled2

• Pamela Andrews Brain, at left, (grandfather-in-law of Homer Lee Wilson, DDS, my first cousin, three times removed on my mother’s side) b. 1833 Bath County, Ky.; d. 2/13/1913. Pamela was a hostess at the Gault House, a well-known hotel and saloon in Morehead, Ky., for many years, noted for her wit and skills in conversation.

• Sarah Anna Day (wife of John Milton McBrayer, my first cousin, twice removed on my mother’s side) b. 1877 Rowan County, Ky; d. 12/24/1908, Rowan County, Ky.

• Bruce Brooks (Uncle of my half Uncle Ronnie Brooks on my mother’s side) b. 1913 in Claiborne County, Tenn.; d. 7/30/1995. Brooks and his wife Edith were in the ministry, pastoring churches until the mid-180s. Beginning in March, 1950, on their first Sunday as pastors in Xenia, Ohio, they began a weekly radio broadcast over WJEL in Springfield, Ohio, known as “The Voice of Pentecost,” according to her 2011 obitary in the Springfield News-Sun. They soon added a daily broadcast, and for a lengthy period, four times daily, and through various years, their broadcasts were released over WPFB, WCHO and stations in Ironton, Wellston and Mansfield, Ohio, as well as Pennington Gap, Va.

Flickr - Untitled1

My Uncle Elvis, right, with my grandfather, Elmer Kidd, in the front yard of Elmer's home in Soldier, Ky., sometime in the early 1970s.

Nov. 27
  • James P. Perry (second cousin four times removed on my mother’s side) b. 1847, Rush Creek Township, Fairfield County, Ohio; d. Rush Creek Township, Fairfield, Ohio, 8/15/1912

  • Jesse James Kidd (first cousin twice removed on my father’s side; also my first cousin once removed on my father’s side) b. 1893 in Wyatt, Elliott County, Ky.; d. 12/16/1933. I don’t know much about Jesse James Kidd, but according to his death certificate, he committed suicide by gunshot, less than six months after his 3-year-old daughter died of a viral infection.

  • Elvis R. Kidd, above, (my father’s brother), born in Rowan County, Ky., and still going strong. Happy birthday, Uncle Elvis.

  • Glen Allen Harper (ex-uncle-in-law on my mother’s side)

  • Janet DeHart Endicott (first cousin on my father’s side) b. 1950; d. 9/29/1971 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. I have only the vaguest of memories of Janet, who died just after I turned 2. She died unexpectedly of a heart condition before her 21st birthday and just months after her marriage to Ken Endicott.

Flickr - Untitled

Cousin on my father's side, Larry, Joyce DeHart, Charlotte Kidd, and Janet DeHart, obscured by some little toddler you might know.

Nov. 28
  • William Holmes Perry (second cousin four times removed on my mother’s side) b. 1858 in Rushcreek Township, Ohio; d. 12/11/1884 in Rushville, Ohio.

  • Laura Belle Williams (great-great-aunt on my mother’s side) b. 1882 in Rowan County, Kentucky; d. 7/25/1950 in Wisconsin.

  • Allie Kidd (great-uncle on my father’s side) b. 1904 in Elliott County Kentucky; d. 10/24/1985 in West Liberty, Morgan County, Kentucky.

  • Edgar Vernon Hall (first cousin twice removed on my mother’s side) b. 1934 in Rowan County, Ky.; d. 7/20/1936 in Rowan County, Ky. The son of my great-great-uncle Harlan Hall and his wife Mary Elizabeth Jennings Hall died before his second birthday.

Nov. 29
  • Orville J. Carter Jr. (husband of my first cousin once removed on my mother’s side, Lois Emilee Williams) b. 1931; d. 6/3/1961. I’m not sure about the circumstances of Carter’s death, but he passed away short of his 30th birthday.

Nov. 30
  • Elmer Gregory (second cousin twice removed on my mother’s side) b. 1907 in Clearfield, Rowan County, Ky.; d. 9/17/1976 in Clearfield, Rowan County, Kentucky.

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